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December 12, 2012 at 9:01am


How a Rookie Got a Top Google Ranking: The Holy Grail - Part 1


A mere two months ago I launched my Craigslist Notifier App without much fanfare.  

See I am lean startup disciple so I used the first two months to get feedback from our users on how our service could delight them. It’s still a work in progress.. for that matter I guess it will always be. 

Fast forward to the early morning hours of 12.10.12 as I was getting ready for bed I was checking to see why I was getting a consistent amount of signups for the last two days. 

So I googled "craigslist alerts" to see if there had been any changes.  For the past month or so.. I had been holding steady at the top of the second page.  During that time I implemented a well rounded content and link-building strategy. 

This was a strong keyword to rank for as you can see below. 


I knew that if I stayed consistent and disciplined I would get on the first page of the Big G eventually.  As a point of reference I owe much of my success to Jon Cooper’s PHENOMENAL Link Building Course! (Go buy this course now!)

Here is the thing though.. The way that I developed an inbound marketing strategy is I acted like Google didn’t exist. Hear me out, I knew from that keyword research that a good amount of people were searching for a problem that I could solve. 

So my goal was to go to them and present my solution to their problem. Here are the key points that helped me get a top search ranking in under three months. (Thanks to what appears to be algorithm update from Google).


I will break down my inbound marketing strategy into three categories. 
  1. Past 
  2. Present
  3. Future
In this post I am going to talk about the "present" inbound marketing strategy I used to get to the first page of Google. 
  • Twitter search: I comb Twitter search once a day and find relevant tweets that I can interact with.  This is a good sniper technique and has been effective in driving traffic but is not easy to scale while still being personable. 
  • Personal Blog: On Dec 1, I started blogging about my experiences building Cl Alerts.  Topics have ranged from how I went from 0-20,000 email alerts sent in two months to link building to creating a demo video for $5 and finding early evangelists. In seven days I had over 3000 visits and made it to the front of page of HackerNews,, StartupRev and PandaWhale  I submitted all posts to Reddit, Buzzfeed,Digg and Stumbleupon.  This was by far the best driver of traffic and what I think was mostly responsible for my meteoric rise of the search rankings.  The best part was the content creation was based on what I have been learning throughout the past two months. 
  • White Hat Comment Hack: It’s super simple and it drives traffic. 

Stay tuned for part two where I discuss how video played an important role in my search rankings and a how I am using a service called Spinnakr to help build traffic. 

(Main Photo: Roy Razanski)  


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